The world’s first carbon-neutral Bitcoin-backed asset. Trading begins this summer.

Reduce carbon the crypto way

Did you know that it only takes $20 to offset the footprint of one whole bitcoin?

"The carbon footprint of Bitcoin is not as much of an issue as people make it out to be, and costs as little as 0.10% to fully offset ALL emissions for a single Bitcoin since the creation of the cryptocurrency in 2009.

Luis Adaime, CEO of MOSS.Earth

"By having tokenized carbon credits, MOSS has made it easy for anyone to offset their crypto transactions, and made it convenient to combat climate change."

Mason Borda, CEO of Tokensoft

eBTC makes it easy

So how does it work? Let's dive deeper into the details together.

eBTC is a wrapped asset created by a ratio of Wrapped Bitcoin on Celo (cBTC) and MOSS.Earth Carbon Credits (MCO2). The ratio for full BTC carbon offsetting is 2 MCO2 per BTC. The MCO2 is equivalent to one Amazon forest conservation project carbon credit, or one ton of certified avoided emission of one ton of CO2. The acquisition and burning (retirement) of 2 MCO2 currently costs only the equivalent of $40 per year.

How does MOSS.earth use MCO2 to offset carbon?

MOSS.Earth offsetting carbon


Other frequently asked questions about eBTC

  • What are some benefits of eBTC?

    • The ability to use Bitcoin in trading and defi applications in a carbon neutral manner
    • The ability to swap the eBTC for native Bitcoin if needed
    • Transferability on a low carbon footprint blockchain, such as Celo
    • HODLing and helping the environment at the same time
  • Who is MOSS.Earth?

    MOSS.Earth offers a way to contribute to changing the global warming scenario, preserving our forests and developing our country. MOSS believes that the solution to climate change is to develop a new carbon credit market. In buying carbon credits, they work to make the biggest polluters neutralize their emissions, balancing the planet.

  • How much carbon does the Bitcoin industry emit?

    According to Digiconomist, Bitcoin’s energy consumption led to carbon emissions for 2020 of 36.9 million metric tons.

  • What is Wrapped?

    Wrapped is part of a collaboration from Tokensoft. Tokensoft is a leading technology platform for blockchain-enabled assets. The Tokensoft platform enables forward-thinking enterprises, asset managers, and financial institutions to fundraise, manage investors, and access secondary market liquidity using the blockchain.

  • Is eBTC the same as BTC?

    No, it is comprised of cBTC and MCO2. cBTC is Bitcoin backed fully 1:1 with a qualified custodian, Anchorage. MCO2 are tokenized carbon credits. By trading eBTC, you can gain exposure to essentially a pegged, wrapped version of Bitcoin that tracks it's price, that is also carbon neutral.

  • Where can I trade eBTC?

    This summer eBTC will become available for trading on Ubeswap. Soon after, trading will become available in the Wrapped.com App as well!

Trading begins this summer

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